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The k8s Native Uptime Monitor ✅

Bring your services and dependencies closer to you. Uptime monitor inside your cluster. Built with your microservice infrastructure in mind.

Easy to Use and Kubernetes Native

Kubernetes Native Objects for configuring your health checks. With the ease of use CRDs you can implement your uptime monitors in seconds, instead of minutes.

  • Runs inside your cluster
  • Small resources footprint
  • Fast and tidy health checks
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Easy to Use and Kubernetes Native
HTTP search checks support

HTTP search checks support

With string, or expression match you can easily filter what you need to search for in your response body. SSL ceritifacates validity checks built in.

  • string search
  • regex expression matching
  • SSL validity checks
Learn more about search patterns

TCP probes supported

Your airgapped services were never that closer. Supports plain TCP. Directly from your cluster to your service no matter where.

  • Any port
  • Any TCP exposed service
  • Easy to use
Explore the HealthChecks
TCP probes supported
Slack integration built in

Slack integration built in

You should know when something goes wrong. Directly in your Slack workspace. Filter the noise and receive alerts for what is important.

  • Rich text
  • Slack blocks
  • Fine tunning of alerts
Explore the NotificationRule

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Self-hosted, self-managed installation


  • 🧪 Supports HTTP and TCP checks
  • 🔥 Unlimited HealthCheck resources
  • 🔥 Unlimited NotificationRule resources
  • 🌎 REST endpoint for HealthCheck statuses
  • 🖥 Prometheus metrics for multiple stats
  • 💸 Open-source Grafana started dashboard
  • 🐞 Regular version updates and bug fixes


Extended version of our operator.

comming soon 👀

  • ⚙ SDK Integration
  • 🎚 Feature toggle like backend
  • 📚 Big data streaming
  • 📊 Anomaly detection
  • 🎢 Additional CRDs for even more features


For mid size and large setups

Contact us on

  • 😻 Custom integrations
  • 💟 Custom features
  • 👷 365/24/7 support