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Getting started

Cloudders Health Check operator is uptime monitor built for Kubernetes. It lets Developers, Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps Engineers to add HealthChecks to their cluster to monitor internal and external HTTP(S) endpoints. This provides cost effectivness, easy integration with other monitoring tools, and Native interface to the Kubernetes users within the organisation.

1. Checkout the chart

Checkout the helm-charts repository:

git clone
cd helm-charts/charts

What you'll need

  • Helm latest version.
  • Running Kubernetes Production, Development or local cluster like k3s

Installing the operator

kubectl create ns cloudders
helm install checks -f ./health-check-operator/values.yaml ./health-checks-operator -n cloudders

The above command will install the health-check-operator inside the specified namespace.

Checking operator status

You can see if the operator is running with the following command:

kubectl get pods -l 'operator' --no-headers -o custom-columns=":status.phase"

After you see the status Running you can go ahead and start with the configuration of the operator in the next section.