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· 4 min read
Yuliyan Tsvetkov

We are excited to launch our brand-new Kubernetes-native HealthCheck Operator! This powerful tool brings in-cluster health checks for HTTP(S) services right at your fingertips. What's even better? The free version comes with unlimited resources: you can create as many health checks and notification rules as you need.

It also seamlessly integrates with Prometheus, providing essential metrics like healthcheck_response_codes, healthcheck_response_time, and healthcheck_status.

A Deep Dive Into HealthCheck Operator

Our HealthCheck Operator is powered by two key Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs):

1. HealthCheck

The HealthCheck CRD performs checks on specified URLs at regular intervals. Here is an example:

kind: HealthCheck
name: cloudders-check
url: ""
testInterval: 60
expiration: 10
expression: "ope\w{2}tor"

In the HealthCheck CRD:

  • url: Specifies the URL that the health check is performed on.
  • testInterval: The interval, in seconds, at which the health check is conducted.
  • sslCheck: Checks the SSL certificate's validity, with expiration being the number of days left for the certificate to expire.
  • searchFor: Allows you to define a regular expression for search patterns in the response body.

2. NotificationRule

The NotificationRule CRD sets up rules for sending notifications via Slack when specified conditions are met. Here is an example:

kind: NotificationRule
name: cloudders-alerts
- "cloudders-check"
- name: slack-webhook
key: org1
username: "controller"
channel: "#general"
message: |
"color": "#FF0000",
"blocks": [...]
waitBeforeSend: 1
repeatAfter: 1

In the NotificationRule CRD:

  • checks: The name of the health checks associated with this rule.
  • slack: Defines the Slack settings for the webhook secret, username, and channel for notifications.
  • message: The message sent as a notification in Slack's message block format. It includes variables that are replaced with real-time data.
  • waitBeforeSend: The time in minutes that the system waits after a trigger condition before sending the alert.
  • repeatAfter: The time in minutes after which the alert should be sent again if the trigger condition is still met.

More than a Free Tool: An Enterprise Solution

Our commitment doesn't stop at providing a robust free version. We are thrilled to announce that a paid version, featuring even more advanced capabilities, is in the pipeline. Our mission is to offer scalable solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, even as we're perfecting our upcoming paid version, we're already offering enterprise-level support for our existing product.

Code Customization

We understand that your organization has unique needs and workflows. To ensure the HealthCheck Operator integrates seamlessly with your existing setup, our team is ready to assist with code customizations.

Priority Support

With priority support, your queries and issues move to the front of the line, ensuring faster response times and resolution.

Dedicated Account Management

Your organization will have a dedicated account manager who will understand your needs, assist you with onboarding and customization, and be your point of contact for any assistance you might need.

Training & Onboarding

To help your team get the most out of HealthCheck Operator, we offer training sessions. We'll walk you through the features, best practices, and provide in-depth technical training as needed.

Final Remarks: Embrace the Future of Health Checks with HealthCheck Operator

In the age of cloud-native technologies, we believe that health checks should be as robust and flexible as the rest of your tech stack. With the HealthCheck Operator, we're committed to providing a Kubernetes-native solution that meets these needs, regardless of your organization's size or complexity.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming paid version, and in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback about our free version. Your feedback helps shape our offerings, and we appreciate your support as we continually work to improve the HealthCheck Operator. Embrace the power of Kubernetes-native health checks with HealthCheck Operator today! Your operations team, your developers, and indeed, your whole organization will thank you.